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My first Apex model

Monday, January 04, 2016


Daron H. Libby


  1. The Mechanical Engineer - Shape Shifter
    05 Jan, 2017
    The Mechanical Engineer - Shape Shifter
    I think CEOs, HR directors, and even college graduates could all be a little confused as to what is expected when it comes to what we mean by a "Mechanical Engineer".
  2. Equivalencing Nodes
    07 Apr, 2016
    Equivalencing Nodes
    I set out to create a 3D hex model using 2-1/2D extrusion in APEX and run Random Vibration from within Patran. My model was a machined aluminum component. My strategy was to create the base surfaces in the x-y plane and then "extrude" them into the z-direction of various heights to create a an aluminum component with RF "trenches". Once the 3D geometry was in place, it should have been trivial to mesh with hex elements using the 2.5D mesher. Or so I thought ... I built the surfaces as shown
  3. Surface with a hole
    03 Mar, 2016
    Surface with a hole
    To create a hole in a planar surface would seem trivial for Apex. However, it took me quite a while to figure it out and so I thought it was worthy of note. I had imported a bunch of IGES lines that defined the outer perimeter of the surface and two 180 degree arcs for the hole in the middle. I was really trying to avoid the old "Patran" approach of breaking curves to make a bunch of 4-sided polygons. I tried using the Drag Edge tool but there was a not a one-to-one matchup of curve segments on
  4. Setting transparency
    24 Feb, 2016
    Setting transparency
    When I first learned Patran, some thirty-five years ago, I did it by reading the manual and just figuring things out on my own. Budgets were tight and there was no money for training "until you needed it." When I eventually began to teach Patran classes, I would cover a topic in five minutes or less and I'd remember back when it had taken me a half day or more to figure it out on my own! So here I was, in Apex, trying to do what I thought was a simple operation ... to set the transparency on
  5. MSC One License Installation
    28 Jan, 2016
    MSC One License Installation
    As an MSC Apex Elite Agent, my company, DHL Consulting, is entitled to an MSC One license to be able to run MSC/Apex for demonstration purposes. About three weeks ago, I submitted a request form to MSC. The process is very streamlined and a couple days later I received by license.dat file. However, after downloading and installing the software along with the MSC Licensing Utility, it shows you what your HostID is during installation. It was then I quickly realized that my HostID had changed due